Q: Does the KD light stage get hot from the LED lighting?  
    A: No, Believe it or not, LED's generate virtually no detectable heat. Neither the box, the LEDs, or the object highlighted ever get hot to the touch.  
    Q: Why are LEDs better than a standard bulb in lighting crystals and art glass?  
    A: Several reasons: No detectable heat; Ultra-low energy consumption; No risk of shock hazard; High intensity and high quality lighting in a compact unit; LEDs have a rated life in excess of 100.000 hours (10+years)  
    Q: How does the light stage work?  
    A: Our LEDs are mounted on a circuit board attached inside your unit. All you have to do is plug the 9V adapter into the display unit then plug the cord into your standard electrical outlet. it's that simple. Center your translucent item on top of your unit and your ready to go!  
    Q: What's the difference between a Kaleidoscope Designs light stage and other light boxes?  
    A: Each KD and KDX model is manufactured, inspected, and tested prior to shipment right here in our San Jose CA location. We insure that our customers receive only the highest quality product, using only the very brightest and highest quality LEDs and circuitry available. Because we are located on the West Coast, we can provide immediate order fulfillment and shipment to your requested destination. We are all about excellent service and exceptional value! It is true; you get what you pay for!